About me


About me

Hello, My name is TyJari Lane. I am a self taught sewist and designer. I started sewing in February 2019. Well not actually sewing in February, I had to learn how to use the machine first. My sister wanted to start sewing and couldn't figure out her machine so I took a try and held her machine hostage until I figured out how to use it and purchased my own. My grandma was a seamstress, she use to sew most of my church clothes. She passed away in June of 2018. I didn't know anything about sewing, and I never wanted to sew. When she passed it was like she left her gift to me. Sewing has became so easy.  
The first thing I tried making was a pillow for my son. He loves it and still has it now. I started making decorative pillows.  In 2020 I started my YouTube channel showing the journey of  when  I started making clothes. I was so afraid of what people would think of my work.  I've come ALONG ways.  2021 I started making tote bags and now I'm making purses.

The name  MIghtySew Crafts & Designs came together because God is Mighty and I like to sew.

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